“The play was so powerful and thought provoking. I can’t get the main character and some of the scenes out of my mind. I realize how fortunate I am to have had a safe and normal childhood and I’m saddened by the plight of those less fortunate.”

“I’m a survivor. I can’t imagine the courage it took to do this. Accurate, powerful and now out there for all to know. Great and convincing actors.”

“Had to comprehend just how outstanding this performance was. Pure Brilliance!”

“Just excellent. Such sensitive subject matter played with sincerity and truth by a very committed and talented cast.”

“Extraordinary! Best piece of theater I’ve seen in years. Beautifully constructed, incredibly acted and directed. Highly recommend”

“Wonderful riveting drama with twists and turns you never see coming, mainly because they are so staggeringly truthful. One of the most important plays you’re likely to see this year.”

“I laughed, cried and went on a life’s emotional journey. So, so powerful!”

“A brave, unflinching telling of a story that needed to be told. Intense, tightly executed an strongly cast.”

“Wow, wow and more wow. What a brilliant performance with fantastic casting.”

“Outstanding and strong. BRILLIANT PIECE of theater.”



“Incredibly powerful and moving. Brought to tears.”

“David, I am moved so moved by your honesty. To make the choice to bring the darkness into the light is powerful. It will not change what happened to you or many survivors but it will give some of the power back that was taken.”

“Friends and strangers disclose to me their own childhood sexual trauma suffered at the hands of coaches, priests, teachers, teammates, fathers, brothers — always men. Women are also abusers. I am not alone in having been sexually abused by females, in my case older sisters.”

“You are a brave man to publicly talk about your childhood sexual assault when so many suffer in silence. Stories like this help others begin to understand the experience and the impact. I suspect that when other victims relate to this it can become potentially life changing.”

“It is clear that you are making a difference in the world, and that is a wonderful thing to do.”

“Thank you so much for having the courage to speak out about this most horrific, abusive and destructive aspect of dysfunctional human behaviour – that thrives on humiliation, degradation, shame, guilt and most of all, silence.

The only way to combat this evil is to shine a light on it – talk about it openly and instead of allowing it to fester in the shadows, educate our kids properly about sex, how to deal with those sexual impulses which are an inevitable part of puberty and adolescence, and how sex is a perfectly natural part of human relationships – so long as it is conducted in a healthy and respectful manner.”


“The effect on a young man being sexually abused is horrendous and often life-long. Few realize how widespread such abuse has become. Stalking the Bogeyman addresses male sexual abuse straight on.

It raises the important questions of how this can happen, why signs are misinterpreted, why there is not more public awareness and its long-term consequences for those affected – the survivors, their families, the abusers and society as a whole.

Sometimes, it is easier to convey messages through theatre in portraying a realistic story based on fact so that the audience can see for themselves how these issues play out. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will be changed by Stalking the Bogeyman – it will leave a lasting impression and, hopefully, in so doing will make us all better people able to deal more effectively with such tragedies.” — Keith Best, Chief Executive, SURVIVORS UK

“Sexual abuse and rape is still regarded as a difficult subject that should be hushed up and not spoken about, stopping victims and survivors from seeking support and affecting people’s willingness to be supportive. Stalking the Bogeyman is important because it challenges the stigma associated with this issue.

The play beautifully combines a challenging theme with an engaging true story and hopefully out of it will come a greater awareness and understanding of this global issue inspiring change.” — Neil Henderson, Chief Executive, NAPC

New York City Audience Testimonials

“What a powerful piece! You could hear everyone breathing – it was so still the entire time! The story needs to be told over and over.”

“So riveting. True theatre. A must see for those who want to feel.”

“Thank you to the author for giving a voice to those who are unable to confront.”

“Go see this show…it’s a story that you will never forget.”

“What a great show! Run to see this. It is a well-crafted, thoughtful piece of theatre!”

“The ability to discuss this topic is vital to research and improved understanding of the motivations, as well as the consequences of sexual abuse.”

“INCREDIBLY powerful, top-notch actors, and a great story about the power of revenge, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. A MUST SEE!”

“Speaking out is probably the biggest thing you can do to protect children, and even advance your own healing. It’s a powerful story that raises a lot of good issues for people to grapple with. “